School Photo FAQ's

How do I access my child's photos?

All viewing and ordering is done online from my secure website: Each school has it's own gallery. Each child (or set of siblings) you have at school will be issued an individualized access code to ensure your family's privacy. Instructions and codes will be sent home by your school via backpack mail or email based on your school's preference. 

I lost the letter that came home in my child's backpack (or can't locate the email with my info). Can you send it to me again?

Sure. I have two children too and I totally get it. In fact, just click this link: gallery code request and enter the pertinent information in the form and I'll email you the code within a few hours. 

Do I have to purchase a package?

No. You may select any a la carte products that fit your needs as long as the order total equals $35 (the same amount as the smallest package). Packages are of one pose only and represent a small discount over purchasing the same items individually. But if you don't need the items that are packaged, or prefer multiple poses, you can select any individual prints or files as you like.

Can I purchase the digital file of my child's picture?

Absolutely! Parents love purchasing digital files because they are a great value. Once you purchase a file, it's yours to keep and make as many prints as you like - forever. They can be used for online sharing or greeting cards or even head-shots if you've got a child actor/model on your hands! Please note though, that I can only guarantee color and quality when you purchase a print through me or one of my suggested online printers. Printing at Target or Walmart (for example) will result in sub-par quality prints. I am happy to supply you with a few options of online printing services that do a very good job. 

My child's photo needs editing (i.e. blemish on face or stain on shirt). Can you do that?

Sure. For a nominal fee, I will gladly go into your child's photo and make any changes within my abilities. There is a form in the shopping cart for purchasing edits and specifying what you'd like done (i.e. please remove scratch from forehead). If you specify something outside my ability, I will refund the editing fee and let you know asap. 

There are a bunch of photos in my child's gallery that look very similar. Why did you put them all in there?

I do this because you're the parent and you know what expression best represents your child's most natural smile. I put all viable photos in the gallery for you to choose from (i.e. no eyes closed, etc.). 

My child's classmate's gallery had more photos than my child's did - why is that?

I do my very best to work with each child to elicit genuine smiles and emotion, but some little ones (especially in nursery/pre-schools) just have a difficult time loosening up and I don't like to push. Another reason could be that we just nailed it and got a great shot or two right out of the gate. 

Where can I find my child's sibling picture?

There is a separate gallery called "Siblings" where you will find any sibling photos and/or pictures of older/younger children who don't attend the school but had their portrait done on school photo day. You should have received a code with instructions for each child you have at school and a separate code for the sibling gallery. If you don't have the code, please check your child's backpack or contact the school as they maintain a master list of all gallery codes. 

My child was absent on photo day. Do you schedule makeups? 

That really depends on the school and the situation. If a large percentage of students were absent on picture days, then we are likely to work with your school to come back for one more day. Unfortunately, sometimes it's just not possible. It's best to ask this question of your school administration.

My child's eyes are closed in the class photo, do you have another version?

Unfortunately, not. The class photo in your gallery is the only one there is. You are under no obligation to purchase it if you're not pleased. And hopefully, we got a great portrait of your child alone. 

When will I receive my pictures?

Your photos will be delivered to your school for distribution 2-3 weeks after the gallery closing date. Your school's gallery closing date is listed on the gallery.

Can I get my pictures in a rush?

The way I keep costs down is by placing one order with my lab and paying one time for shipping. If you need photos in a rush you have two options. 1: you can contact me directly and I'll let you know what my rush fee is or 2: you can purchase the digital download option. Digital products are available for download immediately upon completion of purchase. 

I don't like any of my child's pictures. May I purchase only a class photo even though it doesn't meet the minimum order?

First, I'm sorry you didn't like any of your child's pictures. I work very hard with to get a great expression out of each child, but there are some circumstances beyond my control (scheduling and moods, for example). Next, certainly, you may purchase just the class photo. Please send me a message with your child's full name and the name of their class and I'll send you an invoice to purchase securely online and your picture will be delivered to the school with the other orders. 

I don't like my child's pictures. Can I schedule a makeup?

If your school has a makeup day scheduled, I'm more than happy to try again to get a picture that you love. Please check with your school administrator about whether there is a makeup day scheduled.

I forgot to order and now the gallery has expired - can you help me?

I will do my best to accommodate, but once the gallery expires, the files are gone from my website and it takes time to go into the archives, find the images and upload them for you to see. In addition to the time, our printing lab charges minimum fees. I have to pass these costs on to you if you order after the gallery expires, so it's really best if you try and get your order in before the deadline. 

I love my child's portraits! Do you do family/newborn/maternity etc. sessions as well?

I sure do! In fact, that's mostly what I do all year. I only take a few schools per season as scheduling allows. My private work is different than my school portraits, though. Family sessions take place at your home our outdoors and are Lifestyle (as opposed to posed, studio work) and more candid in style. If you like what you see on my website (CLICK HERE) and want to work with me, please get in touch with any questions.