iPhoneography: Learn to Take Stunning Photos with Your iPhone

iPhoneography: Learn to Take Stunning Photos with Your iPhone


NEW! Exclusively at DayDreamer Studio in Cross River, New York. Next Session will be held on June 7th at 10am. 

Learn to take amazing photos using the camera you always have with you. These days, everybody has a smartphone and the cameras just keep getting better. This workshop is for anyone who has an iPhone 6* or higher and wants to learn how to use it to it’s fullest and take advantage of all of it’s amazing capabilities (many of which are hidden). Whether you are interested in landscape or travel photography or you want to master the art of family photography, this workshop will give you the skills to do it. Learn to shoot, edit and post on social media and even print photo books directly from your iPhone. Click through for more information. 

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What you’ll learn:

  • Capabilities and limitations of your iPhone
  • Hidden features of your iPhone camera
  • How to properly expose and focus your images
  • Tips for specific applications, (portraits, actions shots, landscapes)
  • Understanding how light affects your photos
  • Techniques for improving composition
  • Essential apps
  • Editing techniques
  • How to organize and manage your photos
  • Best practices for sharing photos on social media
  • Special features (HDR, long exposures, self-timer and more)
  • Getting your photos off of your phone (printing your pictures)
  • Recommended accessories

Bonus: lifetime access to a private FB group for students who have taken workshops with me.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Prior to class, please be sure to update your phone to the most recent operating system. I also recommend downloading the following free apps: Snapseed, VSCO, Lens Distortions and Instagram.

*Please note that this workshop is only for those using iPhones and that you must provide your own iPhone. 

This workshop will be held exclusively at DayDreamer Studio in Cross River New York. Upcoming date: March 3 at 2pm. To be notified when seats become available, please click HERE. Class length: 90 minutes. Cost: $110.