In January 2011 I embarked on a personal project to document my life in images - selecting one image to represent each day. I wrote the following post shortly after beginning the project, and it still rings true for me today. The galleries below contain select images from each year.

It began as a simple exercise in skill-building. What is it they say about forming a habit? Repeat for thirty-days and etch the mind's muscle memory. That feels a little random to me, but push through the fear and doubt at the beginning of any journey, and the adrenaline kicks in. Somewhere around mile five or six, runners say. The sheer excitement, often relief, of finding a bright spot in a day that may otherwise have seemed dismal.

Some are like that. All about flat tires and piles of bills. Bad weather and more macaroni. Details overwhelm. And then, a light. A moment you were on the lookout for—because of your habit. You hear them laughing from the other room and forget the dishes. You pick up the camera, because it is your way. And maybe you make something beautiful. Maybe not. It really isn't the point. You saw it. You noticed. Before this, the sound may have floated past and been gone forever—but for this practice of yours.

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