Photography Classes Designed to Help you Beautifully Document Your Life

Are you looking to up your photography game? Do you have a complicated camera that you never take off "auto"? Whether you're a complete beginner wanting to learn the basics or an accomplished amateur wishing to go further in depth, I offer an education option for you. If you prefer one on one or are not in my area (Hudson Valley, New York) I am happy to work via Skype and tailor our sessions to your particular needs. If you prefer an immersive workshop, I offer in-person workshops in the NYC Tri-State area multiple times each year. Check the schedule below. 

Take Control of Your Camera (In-Person Photography Workshop)

This workshop will teach you how to use your camera to its full potential. Learn to understand the different modes and controls and and when/how/why to use each one. 

We also cover general photography concepts that can be applied to photographing children of all ages—from newborns through teenagers and beyond. I’ll show you how to discover the best places in your home to take photos and the differences between snapshots and portraits and practical and creative ways to make both.

This class, like my photography, places a special emphasis on capturing and creatively photographing your daily life.

One on One Mentoring for Parents
from 150.00

In-person or via Skype, sessions are one hour long and tailored to meet your specific photography needs.

iPhoneography: Learn to Take Stunning Photos with Your iPhone
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iPhoneography: Learn to Take Stunning Photos with Your iPhone

NEW! Exclusively at DayDreamer Studio in Cross River, New York. Next Session will be held on June 7th at 10am. 

Learn to take amazing photos using the camera you always have with you. These days, everybody has a smartphone and the cameras just keep getting better. This workshop is for anyone who has an iPhone 6* or higher and wants to learn how to use it to it’s fullest and take advantage of all of it’s amazing capabilities (many of which are hidden). Whether you are interested in landscape or travel photography or you want to master the art of family photography, this workshop will give you the skills to do it. Learn to shoot, edit and post on social media and even print photo books directly from your iPhone. Click through for more information.