Yesterday I Begged My Child to Watch TV

When all he wanted to do was play with me. (Did you ever notice how much more they need your attention when you have other things to do?)

I wanted to write and sew and wrap gifts and clean and bake and he wanted to play fire-fighter-Legos with me.

Something had to give.

Most days are a sweet mix of our playing together and our playing separately but lately (and I believe it's in direct correlation to the frenzy of holiday preparations in our lives) he has needed me near him and fully engaged for hours on end.

diningtable copy

My 'dining' table littered with half-completed projects and blog-posts cuing up in my mind I abandoned everything in favor of the squeaky wheel.

The funny thing was: one of the projects I wanted to work on was a present for him. It got me to thinking about which he would rather have—a present I made, neatly wrapped and presented at candle lighting time, or Mama on the floor wearing a fire hat.


The answer was obvious.