Work Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend with my husband's mistress.

The house is a never-ending project. Today Niall painted the front door and replaced a dozen window panes.

I spent most of my time chasing Quinn around and not cooking.

We ate Pork Supper at the Rupert Firehouse on Saturday night and Sunday night my in-laws came to us and we grilled.

There were modified water-activities designed to cool and entertain without Mama's cast getting wet.

The entire state of Vermont smelled from lilacs (except when the wind shifted and brought with it the smell of the dairy farm up the way).

Thank you all for your well wishes about my hand. Aside from being inconvenienced and a little uncomfortable, I'm getting by. Typing however, is close to impossible, so don't look for any wordy posts or email messages from me until the thing is off next week.

Is anyone else counting down days until school lets out for summer?