Where I've Been

Hi. On occasion while reading one of the many blogs that I frequent I have come across a post which includes apologies for the author's recent absence. It is my 'stock' comment to this post that 'this space belongs to you and you don't need to apologize for anything you do here, including disappearing for a time'. In truth I know that the apology comes from a good place. A place of comittment. But I do believe that once our personal blogs become a burden they lose their primary function.


No apology here for my recent disappearance. Just a few explanations.

First. We are worried around here about my husband's job. (Who isn't worried about their job right now?) So many of my free moments have been spent designing and compiling a web portfolio for him. Getting fifteen years of architect-ing into digital format and up on the web is no small feat. But it's (mostly) done and hopefully he won't need to use it.


Complete breakdown of the craft machine.

This is an almost finished quilt.

I quilted it and bound it three-quarters of the way and ran into a problem. The binding isn't attached to the quilt top in one tiny spot and the miter seam is coming apart. I really can't see any way to fix it short of taking the binding off all together. I've already unquilted it once.


I finished and quilted this one but don't feel like binding it.


I mostly finished piecing this one but am not sure I like it and have lost my umph to see it through.


I'm afraid to say it friends, but I think I may have lost my mojo.

On the finishing front though, I can report that I have completed a web design project for a really interesting documentary series currently in casting (by my amazing brother). The producers seem pleased with my work and are talking about hiring me for future projects.

And in other news, that unnamed college that I applied to back in February—they accepted me. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me through this process. If I decide (figure out a way) to enroll, I'll need more of where that came from!

Also, thank you to my friends who asked where I was last week. It's nice to be missed.