What Do You Blog About?

That's what people ask upon hearing that I have a blog. The answer, as it turns out, varies with my mood. Sometimes this place is undeniably a quilting blog. All quilts all the time. Sometimes I share a knitting pattern or photos of a knitting project. There are a few recipes here and there. Sometimes it's all about photos. Often it's a running conversation between like-minded women about our daily lives. And we've discussed what I believe to be the danger of sharing only the pretty side of things. But there's an equal danger in dwelling on the difficult. How easy it would be to complain about the juggling act that is being a mother. (I believe working mother to be a redundant term.) To live in the dark moments and become overwhelmed by them. And believe me, I go there. But coming to this place reminds me to look for small goodness in the mix. The moments I want to remember are plenty but often become obscured by the bigness of the harder ones.

So, suburbia isn't always pretty. But when the sun shines off the overpass by the prison (across the street from the sewage treatment plant)

it glows.

And there might be toys on the floor but their bright colors bring joy to my moments.

And my kids exasperate me.


But I know that's because I'm doing it right. If they were complacent sponges who never questioned anything they would be boring humans. (Right?) It's not my goal to raise boys who can't think for themselves. (Although it would be lovely if they could clean up after themselves.)

It's hard. This whole thing. Being a grown up. Navigating life. But I'm grateful for this community we've built of women who share themselves with each other and support the idea that you're not doing it wrong if you're struggling.

And reinforcing the idea that stopping to notice the colors is a worthwhile activity.