At Home with the R Family - Westchester County Lifestyle Photographer

My goal during a photo session is to make photos that depict what it feels like to be in your family. My favorite place to do this is around your home because it's where everyone is most comfortable. I knew this recent session with the R family was going to be wonderful when I asked the kids what I might find them doing on a typical afternoon if I walked into their kitchen and their response was to grab drinks and books and set up camp around the center island. After that, there were: puzzles and group hugs (starting their beloved Labrador, Ember) and gardening and soccer in the back yard. I've had the pleasure of spending time with this lovely family in the past and these photos truly do tell the story of of who they are. R family, I hope you find many years of enjoyment from these images and I thank you for inviting me into your beautiful home to document this little slice of your life.