Just a note about the In Celebration of Mothers project. It feels a little like it's turning into introductions to my friends but that's not exactly true. This is, for me, first and foremost an exercise in portrait photography. (Perhaps it would have been better named: 'Portrait of a Mother'.) Some of the women I asked to be photographed for this project I don't know very well at all. I don't want to lose sight of the one common thread here: all the women I've photographed are mothers, yes. But I've opted to focus on the things I know about them outside of their mothering because the concept for the project was born from my thoughts on what mothers choose to do in addition to mothering. It's about who we bring to our mothering and what face we put on the whole process of raising our children. And it's my goal to portray some of these things in the images I create. To celebrate all that mothers are. So, having said that, meet V.

V was my first bloggy-friend that I met in 'real life'. We had lunch at the Whitney Musuem on New York City's Upper East Side and even though I had never even heard her voice before walking into the restaurant I was completely at ease. What we knew of each other up to that point was limited to email conversations and blog posts but before that lunch was over I felt as if I had made a friend for life. We connected through quilting but our communications quickly moved on to other topics. Much has been written about this interesting phenomenon that is this blogging community, and V is my flesh and bones proof of it.

She is an artist. Her current medium is quilting but she is also a painter and a completely visual thinker in general. She's plainly beautiful and makes those around her feel the same way. She is at once a Mid-Western Girl and a New Yorker— both understated and a little Avant-garde. She is generous to a fault and her charity quilting work has taken on a life of it's own. Together we started the New York City Metro Area Modern Quilter's Guild and she hosts our meetings in her home. On Saturdays. In her home. (You see my point?) She has a ten-year-old daughter a and two yappy cute dogs. I get the feeling that there isn't anything she wouldn't do for her friends and that her network of friends reaches far and wide. If you aren't already among her regular visitors, I invite you stop over to her colorful blog and learn more about what she does.

You can see the rest of the portraits in the project here and throughout the rest of this month. Thank you for coming by.