Usual and Ordinary

31 days in to a 365-day project feels too early to indulge in self-congratulatory behavior. and yet

maybe just a little. last year at this time i had pushed and cajoled myself into 31 lousy days of images that didn't show anything if they didn't show my lack of dedication to the project. oh, i kept going, for a while. but my ambivilance got the better of me and i petered out around day 84.

shortly after crying 'uncle' i wrote these words:

'My camera does not cause me to separate from the events around me at all. The reality is just the opposite. My camera causes me to engage deeply in what I see. Tiny moments that may have otherwise gone unnoticed become forever etched in the colors of my memory and large overwhelming events are suddenly broken down into manageable pieces.

I walk through days of usual and ordinary and I see things that are anything but. Light becomes a commodity when you’re a photographer and it takes on shapes and forms that brighten even the darkest days.' (originally posted on July 11, 2010)

creative awakenings come in all forms and sizes and at that moment mine came in the form of a broken camera and less pressure on myself. when a major element of the project was off the table (use your new camera until it becomes an extension of your hand) i was released from the pressure of the assignment and began to find my way (back to?) the true purpose.

right now this project is equal parts meditation and classroom with a heavy helping of challenge thrown in for good measure.

i'm guessing, though,  if you check back with me next week i'll have a different take on the whole thing.

(please note that if you'd like to see the rest of january's images they are all here. going forward, i plan to post them all on this page.)