I've been quiet here because things are noisy at home. Two boys. 'Tween and toddler. No school. Cold weather. I was overwhelmed at the thought of it before it began so I enlisted some help. A few hours of babysitting. An extra set of hands. A luxury to be sure. But one we allowed ourselves this week. I believe it's good for my kids. To be able to say goodbye to me for an hour. To learn that I'll come back. To feel secure without me for a short time. (Or at least that's what I tell myself.) And that it's good for me, goes without saying.

And it's not like we haven't made the most of our time together—

A day spent in New York City. (It never stops being strange to be a visitor in my hometown.)

west 81st street

An unexpected snowfall.

Old friends are new again.

Breakfast in bed at the hands of my eldest.

Hours spent camping out in the living room.


Just your average commonplace February week.