Untangeling the Mess

In a flurry of activity upon the realization that vacation (such as it was) was drawing to a close, Niall and I undertook a few projects around the house this weekend.

Remember the living room and all it's flood-damaged glory? Well, we came one step closer to being able to call it finished. (As much as an architect and a graphic designer can ever call anything finished.)

We hung pictures.

I moved into this house seven years ago this week and yesterday we hung artwork on the walls of our home for the first time. (I have some commitment issues).

As it is want to do when anniversaries approach, my thoughts turned to that new year's week in 2002 when I moved in here with my three and a half year old boy. Newly single and completely clueless about what would happen next, I was determined to make a home for him. I stayed up nights painting cheerful colors and listening to Shawn Colvin sing about a Whole New (Me):

...you have the right to shake the loneliness and shine the light take all your tears and save 'em for a rainy night go and wish on every star that's fallen shake your head and wonder when it's all to good to be true like a whole new you so don't lose the way you can do no wrong and don't spend your days just trying to be strong when you don't know your name you know it's okay, you can do it...

Having no real plan and taking countless missteps (many of which I am still—I should say we are still—accounting for) I trudged forward blindly. I entered tentatively into a new relationship and three different jobs—just trying to make sense of my own abilities and desires. Fast forward seven years (filling in the blanks with some older posts and some yet to be written) to hanging pictures and untangling the garage mess with my husband of three years and our seventeen-month old joy-baby. Meanwhile my now-ten-and-a-half year old is out skiing with his dad. Metaphor? Perhaps. Or, more likely I think, just the next chapter.

For those of you who visit here to see the crafty scenes from my life, I'm binding the first quilt of the new year and hope to have photos within a day or so.Thanks for visiting.