I'm not good at planning. If it weren't for my iPhone (and it's annoying alarms) I wouldn't ever be where I am supposed to be and neither would my boys. I never know what's for dinner until right about the time we get hungry and I don't plan my quilts either. My 'process' usually involves waiting for inspiration to strike, scrounging through my stash, picking a messy pile of fabrics that 'feel right' and getting out the rotary cutter. Needless to say it doesn't always work out.

I planned for Quinn to sleep comfortably in his crib until he was at least three. (You know what's coming next right?) I probably dont need to tell you that he didn't like the plan and no longer wishes to be held captive behind bars. (I have a nineteen-month-old-monkey.) I see a big-boy-bed in my immediate future. What's a Mamma to do other then embrace the next stage and use it as an excuse to make him a quilt!

Elizabeth of Oh Fransson! fame is hosting a quilt-a-long in which she is detailing her process from start to finish. I thought it might be a useful learning experience to follow along and see if working in her organized fashion suits me. (Anyone care to place a bet? No snide comments please Niall.)

Phase one of the project asks participants to pull together 12 quarter-yards of fabric and pair them into lights and darks. I'm already kind of screwed. It would seem that I have rather a lot of brights (probably darks I guess) and not too many lights to go with them. Since there's no fabric purchasing allowed (this is my rule) I'm going to pair up my brights patterns with coordinating solids (of which I have an abundance) and see how it goes. Already straying from the plan I guess. I can just hear my mother's voice now...

Stay tuned.