with the power back on, and most of the tomatoes ripened and harvested, we plowed ahead into another school year. as if on cue the weather turned cool and jeans long since pushed to the back of the closet were found. the roads here are peppered with yellow buses and bedtimes are systematically earlier. no one is playing in the yard after dinner and my planner resembles a crossword puzzle. no matter what the calendar says, it's autumn.

while summer's logistics were complicated—the juggling that came with two children home and a business to run—i've admittedly been dreading returning to this schedule. perhaps it's the transition that i find difficult, but i think it's more likely the pace. everything is suddenly on superspeed and i just know i won't be able to keep up. gone are the lazy mornings when the boys roll out of bed on their own timeline (toddler and teenager—you can guess who sleeps late and who rises early). gone are the impromptu evening visits from neighbors and late afternoon trips to the pool. and in their stead, alarm clocks and homework and charts.

i have yet to embrace what will eventually be the joys of this season. the colors and the slow cooking and the sweaters.

today i'm just going to mourn summer's departure.