Tropical Dreams and Sewing Machines

When the weather outside is frightful and there's no chance of a tropical vacation anytime soon, what's a girl to do? (Well, yes, a pina-colada might have worked also.) Double Chocolate Coconut Cookies.


Do I need to say more?

I will tell you in the spirit of full disclosure that the recipe is from this book:

—further proof that I'm not entirely against the Martha. (Although I do feel confident in my guess that she has never actually made these cookies.)

Very delicious and just enough coconut to take me away from the slushy icy mess that is my life today.

I also found my way back to the sewing machine (Yes Virginia, she really does have a sewing machine under that mess) and finished the last block for a gender-neutral baby quilt that's been in the works for a while. Good thing I started early.


If it weren't for the holidays I think this quilt might actually have a prayer of arriving at it's appointed destination on time.

I may have backed down just a bit from my promise to let myself off the hook from making all of my gifts this year. While I'm certainly not making all of them, I have found the drive to crank out a few.


These coffee cup cozies have become a go-to for my small gift giving needs. We like to present them wrapped around a coffee cup with a gift card inside. (Thanks, as always, to Erin for the pattern.)

And for those of you who asked, I have a little Hanukkah post lined up—stay tuned.