I met Trina when she and her husband (and one month old baby boy) bought a house in our complex. I also happened to be the agent for the seller so I had a chance to meet her a few times before she moved in. I knew right away that she would be a welcome addition to our little 'hood and four years later I can tell you that I was completely right. Trina

Trina's son is a little older than Q so there's loads of playing in our community yard and impromptu dates. Trina is a math teacher (I'm not sure if it's middle school or high school but either way, she's a math teacher which, to me, is pretty much mind boggling). As a professional woman she might take issue with being called perky and/or adorable, but come on—look at her. She's adorable. But it goes deeper than her exterior. She exudes niceness and is very friendly and warm. She has a clever and dry sense of humor, however, which confirms that she is much more than just a smiley face. Also, did I mention that she has devoted her life to teaching (other people's) kids math? Our neighborhood and my life are absolutely enriched by having Trina around.

Doing this project I've come to realize how many of the women who touch my life are my neighbors. I don't believe that my town or neighborhood are magical and that they only attract amazing people. Rather, I believe that extraordinary women are everywhere and that all you have to do is look around, open your door, and your heart, and say hello.