I don't remember exactly when I met Tracey but I know it was during the time I owned the yarn shop in town. She was a customer and I can clearly remember thinking that I was sure if I could have a cup of coffee and a conversation with her that we'd be friends. As luck would have it our paths continued to cross long after I left the shop and I've since had many opportunities to get to know her better.


One of the coolest things about Tracey is that every time we talk I learn something new about her. She is the proverbial onion with all kinds of spicy layers. I've known for a while that she teaches yoga. I also know that she has deep and conflicted thoughts about public education. I learned the other day that she used to be a professional baker and that she is planning on obtaining her masters when her youngest starts Kindergarten. Apparently she also finds global economics (did I get that right Tracey?) to be a fascinating hobby and loves to write. She has lived in our little town for a long time and can regale you with stories of what it was like 'back in the day'.

Tracey is serious but lighthearted (a combination I find extremely compelling), outgoing and insightful, has awesome taste in music and is among the most interested and interesting people I know. And oh yeah, she has two really cool children. It turns out that I was right when I had those initial impulses to get to know her better. I look forward to having Tracey in my life and continuing to peel back those layers and learn more about her.