Three-Ring Circus of Batshit Crazy

As my dear friend Stephanie once said about my house: 'it's a three-ring circus of batshit crazy'. And she was right. Most days it's a conglomerate of blended family chaos and stay-home mom, work-from-home-designer and just plain too-many-projects-going-on-at-once-stew. Please note here that these projects are largely self imposed and that I am not complaining. I love it. I love the noise. I love the revolving door of neighbors and friends and scheduling and organizing and endless undertakings. But not today. Today the universe conspired to keep me from my appointed rounds. Everything went wrong and nothing went right. And I just thought I'd vent about it with you all, my dear supportive friends. I had a frustrating crappy day. And mostly it was all my fault. I set myself up with too much to do and my knees buckled under the pressure. I should have known better.

Anyway. Thanks for listening. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming and some photos from a delightful day spent at the beach last weekend.