This Too Shall Pass

I'm finding it a bit of a chore to feel thankful right now. Truth is, we've run into a bit of bumpy airspace here at the commonplace household. My grateful list is long and important but these troubles are pesky and persistent and they are clouding my vision. I will awake tomorrow to two beautiful boys and a loving husband to celebrate the holiday—my favorite holiday actually—with my large and supportive extended family. There will be plenty to eat and a fire blazing. The conversation will be lively and the children will be loud. As it is every year, it will be a perfect day. But for me, it will be underscored by some problems which have yet to be worked out. We'll get through them but change looms on the horizon. If I were of stronger character perhaps I could pay them less heed and not be so weighed down. I would like to let the goodness and plenty in my life be what defines my days. But sadly I am not that person. I am defined right now by the problems facing my family. Cryptic, yes and I'm sorry. The details, however, are not important. Surely what we face can't be all that different from what many others are going through right now. The tough part for me is how consuming it has become.

But I've been in this place before and despite very dim times I've always made it through to lighter days. And this is my intention now. To focus as best as I know how on what is good and gather strength from it. And when I can't find any strength I promise to keep looking for it—after a good night's sleep when it's easier. One thing both of my parents have always repeated to me in difficult moments—and I believe to be true: this too shall pass.