the way life should be

when i first left home this is where i went.

no way was i ready to be on my own, but that's what was expected, so i went. i fell in love and had my heart broken there. i came of age and began my journey there. i met my husband there and fifteen years (one marriage, one divorce, three jobs, graduate school two mortgages and a child) later we spent our honeymoon there. my heart lives there. and yet, life keeps me away.

it's an ache like no other - a longing for a place. so this trip, some time to be alone with my older child, it was an easy choice.

we went to maine.

when you're nearly 13 and you have a 3 year old brother who is constantly running through the house in underpants and a superhero cape you might need to get away and not really even know it.

so we did. we packed up the car and drove north. we're lucky to have people who open their doors for us when we call. and others who show us their favorite places, and still more who would have, had we driven further.

we are blessed indeed and knowing you all are there helps to soothe the ache.