Sweater Weather


I knit this for Quinn while I was pregnant. I picked all of my favorite cables and flourishes and embellished a simple raglan design and this is what turned out.



I love it.

At Jake's old school the uniform included an optional red or navy sweater or vest. I don't much enjoy knitting in navy blue so, needless to say, I had more than enough red yarn in my stash for a baby sweater. I love red on baby boys. I knew I was having a boy from early on so I knit this while imagining  him in it. The reality of him is so much more joyful than any daydream I ever had. He is a playful happy boy with an electric smile that is available constantly. Try however to photograph details of a sweater on a fourteen-month old toddler who has just learned to walk and suddenly he becomes a monster.

I did have the foresight to make notes while I knit the sweater so eventually I will write it up. I hope to knit it again in a larger size so that I can enjoy him in it for more than five minutes before he busts out of it!

This sweater is one that I wrote as a store pattern back when I did such things. We hung it next to the yarn it was made out of (Misti Alpaca Chunky) and it just about sold itself. When I left the shop I made sure that patterns I had written would remain my property, so I share this one here with you. It's an easy satisfying knit. All the detail is in the details — the split raglan and the deep ribbing. It wears like a sweatshirt but is so much warmer—enjoy!


Sweaters were a necessity at Rheinbeck yesterday. It was lovely and cool. For me the day was mostly social and recreational as my current yarn budget is nonexistent. I met up with a friend from high school who saw that I was going to be there on my Facebook status. It was my second such encounter with an actual friend facilitated by the virtual world of Facebook. Cool.

Jake's show (still saving details for a separate post) was trippy. He was wonderful. His performance was what he wanted it to be and that's my benchmark. As a parent I think it's very hard to judge our own children's talent and performance level. I worry that my reality is skewed by my hopes for him. But he was thrilled by the response he got and so was I.

All in all, I'd say it was a successful weekend. Tomorrow is soup swap over at Jessica's so come on back for a new soup recipe—I'm thinking black bean with cilantro sour cream...