Stepping Outside

Have you ever noticed that you work with one color palate, or that you make various incarnations of the same pattern over and over? I know I do.

It's easy to see if you look through my photo albums that I quilt with bold colors almost exclusively. I like to knit sweaters out of tightly spun Merino yarn in solid colors or strong stripes. It's what I do.

But this weekend something came over me and I decided to try some new things. First I pieced this tiny landscape quilt and embellished it with free-motion quilting.

I loved the freedom of not having a plan. While I'm pretty comfortable with free-motion quilting in general, I have never used it to embellish in this way and am really pleased with the results. I think I'll be trying this type of project again on a larger scale soon.

Next I made this baby quilt.

These are colors I almost never work with—but this was a special request.

I'm pleased with how it came out and glad that I moved away from my usual brights and white sashing to try something new (don't look for pink here again any time soon though).

It seemed fitting to stretch myself a bit and step outside my comfort zone while I'm impatiently waiting for the buds on my front tree to bloom and the daffodils in my tiny garden to show their colors. And it seems as if I'm not the only one with this on my mind. My friend V over at Bumble Beans is thinking outside the box this week and she's posing a challenge to her readers to try something they've never done before. I highly recommend it.