I'm just stopping in to tell you that I'm still around. My cast is due to come off tomorrow and I'm hoping that I'll be able to type with all fingers again. I assure you that in the meantime I've been composing insightful and clever posts in my mind (insightful and clever to me at least). If you're used to me commenting on your blog or emailing you more frequently, rest assured that I haven't deserted ship—I've been lurking around and I'll be back. Soon. In the meantime, quilt design upon quilt design are clogging my thoughts and the backlog of creative energy is giving me a headache. I have been able to draw so I've attempted to document my thoughts in the hopes of not forgetting them. Also, if I owe you a quilt block (John and Amy) you will get it. Soon.

In the time since I've been out of comission, a dear friend of mine has started blogging and for your own good I suggest that you run, don't walk, to check out her clever, irreverant, insightful and extremely well-written blog.

Thanks for sticking with me and stopping by to say hi.