Sleeping Babies

Last night before going to sleep I crept into Quinn's room and watched him sleep. It's among the greatest joys of being a mother—watching one's child sleep. But last night I needed to touch him. I took him from his crib (against every rule of motherhood) and carried him to our bed where we lay tangled for a peaceful while.

This week mothers the world over are holding our babies a little bit closer.

I wonder. Why does it take a catastrophe to help realign my perspective?

I mentally recommit to help those less fortunate every day. I quietly promise to not get caught up in the minutia that so often consumes me. I vow to remember my blessings tomorrow and next month and during every inevitable frustrating moment to come.

I've been here before. In this moment. And I've forgotten. Homework struggles and dirty socks on the floor and temper tantrums in the supermarket have clouded my mind. But this time I promise myself to remember. I have everything.

If you feel inclined to donate to the efforts in Haiti here's one suggestion of how you might do it: