Second Chances

Three years ago today I married My Love. Fifteen years, one failed marriage, one child, one graduate degree, three houses, three jobs and countless late night phone calls after our first date.

We met and dated in another lifetime when we were young. This is a family-friendly blog so I'll spare you the details, but it's important to know that the draw was intense and the affair, full of attraction. But it wasn't to be our time. Yet.

Our lives progressed separately. His went the way of graduate studies in Texas, and I struggled with depression and life's decisions. I married Sean and we had our beautiful son. We set about the business of making a life together but weren't happy. As it did for so many, our story turned on September 11, 2001. The realization that life is short. Anything can happen. We opted to cut our losses and move on. We separated and began the process of divorce and overcoming disappointment. A phone call to an old friend. Reaching out during a difficult time. Months of phone conversations and then a visit. Just a meal and a movie. But that draw, the old attraction still pulled. And so it went. Only this time there was a child an an ex-husband in the story. Things progressed but slowly. Logistics and fears loomed large. Then, finally, our time came.

And so, four years later, we married in my parent's back yard. I was walked down the aisle by my then seven-year-old boy, where he kissed me and turned to sit with his father. I continued down the aisle to meet My Love, ready to begin our next chapter.




Happy anniversary Nye.

*Photo credits: Todd France Photography - click over and click on 'Country Wedding' to see more photos from our day.