Scenes From A Wednesday

Caroline over at Burrow House is hosting an impromptu color week. A one week project with no real commitment is right up my alley.

We started on Tuesday and the color of the day was: green.

Have you ever been to New York State in January? There's nothing green here except the pallor of the general population's skin. I gave up before the sun set. I did, however, dream in green. I dreamed that I was standing at the kitchen sink in my childhood home chopping peppers and parsley. I noticed a green ceramic plate on the counter (this plate actually exists in my current home but never did in that one). I suddenly realized that the sun was setting and that I was going to lose the light. I had to find my camera before the perfect 'green shot' disappeared. I can't tell you if I ever captured it or not.

Today's color is: red.

At first I thought I might just link to this photo from my last post. Obviously a cop-out but red nonetheless. On second thought, I was up for a little challenge. If I sat around waiting for color to come to me, it might only happen in my dreams. So I went for a walk. It's sixteen degrees today so it wasn't a long walk, but it felt good. And guess what I found!

Some green.

Thanks for visiting.