beginnings and endings and everything we make of the time in the middle. the days go by, filled with alarm clocks and appointments, schedules and deadline and endless meals to prepare. laundry and playdates and kitty litter and gas prices and weather forecasts and illness and oil changes. life.

i photograph the details as an exercise in being present in it. all of it. of course there's the technical benefit of shooting every day, no doubt. but the real lessons started to come when i stopped rushing through my days and started looking for things to see. the faces of the strangers in line at the market became beautiful and their stories drew me in. the rain stopped being a nuisance (mostly) and instead—transformed the grass into refracted light—ripe for my camera. seasons never slip by me without notice anymore.

savor is the word that hangs on my tongue.

on this day, the last one of the fifth month of this project, my eldest completes yet another milestone. he grows just a little farther from my nest and i feel the need to look back and savor. during the course of the past 151 days we have moved forward and laughed. there has been light. oh so much light. and many colors. so many vibrant and beautiful colors. there have been moods, all of the moods. and skies of all sorts. there have been friends and family and, yes, lots of cookies. we've had snuggles and arguments and a little time away. we've struggled and persevered and learned. we've been tired and we've played and we've tried new things. we've succeeded and failed and we've started again. and tomorrow we'll do it all again.

this life of ours.

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