Saturday Plans

Thank you for all of your good wishes for Jake. The first week went pretty well overall. My boy is intense and dramatic (that's putting a rosy spin on it) but I'm always impressed with his resiliency. When I told him that he was switching schools there was a time it seemed he might never come out of his room or smile again. He went through all seven stages of grieving. And then one morning he found the Staples bag with his supplies in it, went through it, organized his binder and was ready.

Today tropical storm someone-or-other is going to make it so we stay inside and decompress. I'm hoping for some scrabble, some baking and a little time to go through those Vineyard photos I keep promising. I also promised Jake that we would use the dried catnip to sew some toys for Ginger-the-Puss.

My Grandmother's piano (pictured here) is going away tomorrow. My cousin Kiva is going to have a turn with it. We really could use the space. When it was given to us, we were a two person family (me and Jake). When Niall moved in we didn't require much more space, but now with Baby Quinn... well, those baby toys and gates take up an amazing amount of space. I'm getting a bit sentimental about saying goodbye to the piano but I'm comforted by knowing it's going to be in the family, and also by the idea that I will finally have a place to put all those books that currently live on the floor in piles. Ikea here I come!