I've known Sarah for twenty-five years. Sort of.

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In high school she got along with everyone and kind of spanned the abyss across the different cliques. You know the ones? The artsy kids. She fit there—because she was creative and offbeat. The geeks. She was good there too—smart and studious. The popular kids. Yep. She was full on punk (it was the eighties after all—complete with Desperately Seeking Susan hair). That she ended up at design school didn't surprise me at all.

But we didn't really know each other. Until Facebook. She clicked onto my profile. I clicked onto hers. Turns out we share a passion in quilting and started a dialogue about it. And after twenty plus years of never really having a conversation, she picked me up last October in front of my house and we drove to a quilting workshop where we spent the day talking, creating, laughing and connecting.

To say that Sarah is multifaceted would be to understate the case. She has forged a successful career for herself in a field she has basically created. Her creativity seems to have no bounds but it is tempered with a savvy business sense. She is interested and engaging and unconventional. She is driven and straightforward and comes across as very self assured. That she is raising twin girls while authoring books and growing her business only reinforces to me that Sarah is a woman whom I'm lucky to call friend.