This quilt top just came over me. I rummaged through my (very unorganized) stash and did all the cutting in one afternoon—the piecing took a bit longer though. I'd like to say that it was inspired by the roundabout fashion that this spring has taken to arrive, but mostly it was just about circles, pretty fabrics and spring colors. It's big by my standards—50" x 70"—so I think quilting it will be a challenge. I have some ideas about how I'm going to go about it and I'm just waiting for a chunk of down-time to attack the project (wishful thinking, I know).

I absolutely love it. And Jake loves it too. He has asked more than once if we are going to 'get to keep it' and the answer is a resounding 'yes'. This one is ours baby!

Speaking of spring and how long it has taken to get here—let me show you some photos of what we did today.

I'll just remind you for effect that it's April 26th. The temperature was over ninety here today and my stubborn daffodils still haven't bloomed. We spent the day slathered with sunscreen and romping in the Long Island Sound and there aren't even any leaves on the trees yet. Strange and lovely all at once. Last night and tonight both, dinner was cooked and eaten outside and my shoes are nowhere to be found. I plan on collapsing in a damp happy heap on my bed as soon as I hit 'post'.