random and not (promotion)

first, let me thank everyone who entered. some of you wrote me revealing and personal email messages about why you wanted this and frankly, i wish i had the time and resources to give you each a photo session. because i think that every woman should be able to see what's beautiful about themselves and i truly think that i can help to do this, i am offering the following for the month of may: a half-price photo session especially tailored to the needs of women. it will include up to two hours of shooting time and one 8"x12" fine-art print, any additional prints that you wish to order will be offered to you at a discount as well. please contact me directly for additional details. i hope some of you will pull the trigger on this and take advantage of the promotion. it's can be a truly empowering experience to see a beautiful photograph of yourself. now, for the winners: tara and harlene. their names were chosen completely at random. but if you believe in any sort of fate or life-circles or other such stuff, maybe it wasn't so random. tara and i have been connected virtually for quite some time. we are friends who have never met. we know people in common in the non-virtual world and there's no question that when we (finally) meet face to face it'll be easy. and harlene? well that's a long and lovely story. harlene and i have known each other for 30 years (yes, harlene, i did the math) but haven't seen each other for close to 15. ladies, i can't wait to get you behind my lens. call me?