Questions Currently Plaguing Me

Can I make waffles and freeze them for 6am toasting?

What will entertain me when I have no more New York Times Monday crossword puzzles left to do on my iPhone App?

Should I get one more tattoo or would that make me too much like the Circus Lady?

Will I get my quilting mojo back or is it over for me?

Why is my hair still falling out a full year after I stopped nursing?

Speaking of nursing: is it weird that I still dream of nursing my toddler almost every night?

Should I save the multitude of clothing items in my closet that don't fit me or give them away?

Will my children suffer irreparable emotional damage if they get socks for one of the nights of Hanukkah this year?

How, exactly, will I get through the long cold New York winter without losing my mind?

Who will take care of my kids if I lose my mind?

Who will take care of my kids if I get the dreaded stomach virus?

Will I have enough blog-design clients to make my business work?

Which recipe for 'breakfast bars' would be most likely to please my husband?

Do you have any questions currently plaguing you? Please tell me so I don't feel like such a freak.