Pure Maple Candy

Sometimes, when I take a while away from writing, from this neighborhood of ours, I consider whether I might be finished with whatever might have been my business here. If it's becoming a chore and a burden, well then it's no longer serving it's purpose as a place to expand and create. So I wait. I relieve myself of the guilt by dismissing it and I wait for something that needs to be said. And something always needs to be said. Still. It's been a difficult year. For the most part it's felt artificial to write about joy and it's been too painful (or personal) to write about the rest. So I've been quiet. But to say that I miss you all is an understatement. And I'm not ready to move away from our neighborhood yet. But clearly, for me, some sort of transformation is underway. No longer a blog about quilting. Never the blog I had intended about parenting my special-needs child. No such thing as 'just' a mommy-blog. Photos. Words. Invaluable connections formed.

Thank you for being there. Here's to more of the same and looking forward to whatever comes next.