project soulshine :: tara

i see beauty in every woman. the corniest marketing slogan ever, right? thing is though that it's the complete god's honest truth. help me come up with something less cliché if you don't like that one. i'm open. women are taught to hide our lights under all of the other things we do. it's just another paradox of being a woman in this society. if we admire ourselves, if we like the way we look? well, then, we are vain or narcissistic or self-centered. have you ever looked at a photograph of yourself and liked it? actually thought: 'wow, that's me? i have a great smile.' or 'i forgot what awesome cheekbones i have'. but quickly tucked that thought away behind shame for the feeling? messed up, right.

we've talked about this before. if i could make a portrait of every woman, doing what they do, being who they are, to show them what i see—give them a beautiful portrait to help remind them that they are beautiful when they forget—and we all forget—i would.

the concept isn't new. this movement to embrace your beauty—the idea that barbie-doll perfection has harmed our society and our collective souls—that women need to feel good about what's beautiful about themselves. it helps to stop watching television (or at least, advertising). it helps to be your own healthy (not the healthy of a twenty year old woman). it helps to wear clothes that fit your body (not clothes designed for your teenage daughter). and you know what? it helps to see a pretty picture of yourself.

just ask tara.