Postcard From the Lake

Tradition among my husband's friends includes July 4th week on a lake in the Great Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

It started out sixteen summers ago with just two of them. The following summer there were four or five and it grew from there.

This summer there are upwards of twenty-six adults and twelve children ranging in age from just under two to almost thirteen.

We cook in groups and eat communally. We watch each others' children and share bathrooms.

There are kayaks and canoes and lots of bikes. The porch-sitting is world class

and the tally of books read is somewhere over two dozen. There are chores and board games and no television.

Tonight there will be fireworks and grilling and probably some hyped up kids.

After they're asleep there will be a fire and we'll talk until one by one everyone heads up the stairs to bed.

And next summer, we'll do it all again.