People Are Nice

When Jake was a baby I lived in the middle of a very big city. And I felt pretty alone. I got out of the apartment every day and saw lots of people but some days I talked to no one. I've written before about the post partum depression so I won't go into it here but It was a rough time. Now, with Quinn, ten years later, I live in a much smaller town and I go some days without seeing another adult. But I know I'm not alone. Circumstances are different, sure. That my hormones didn't freak out on me this time doesn't hurt. That I live in a place with a strong sense of community and have wonderful neighbors helps quite a bit. The fact that I'm in a stronger marriage this time certainly plays a role.

But I can't underestimate the network of people that I connect with everyday and have never met. This blogging world we've created for ourselves is pretty amazing.

We form relationships with people who's voices we've never heard. We share secrets with people who's last names we don't know. We support the endeavors of women (and John) who's hands we've never shaken. And we spend our precious time creating things for friends we may never get to hug.

Thank you Ashley. I love it!