On the Making of Art

We've all engaged in discussion of what makes art, and moreover, what makes good art. It's my opinion that the latter is subjective. But the former? Art and it's pure definition? Honestly, I haven't a clue. I know what it is when I'm looking at it, however. When I'm moved or perhaps more succinctly, when everything else stops moving and the moment gives way to the art.

As a photographer I never set out to make art. I seek to see inside a moment or express a feeling. I really never know if the feeling I had hoped to convey is the one the viewer is experiencing when they see the image. I'm fairly certain that it doesn't matter though. If you're looking at an image and are moved to any emotion I think something wonderful has happened, and wouldn't be so presumptuous as to assume what your emotion should be. What one finds exciting another could easily pass over as mundane. It's the mystery of taste and style, and finding what ignites mine is the force that drives me creatively.

Nothing has ever spoken to me quite the way photography does. The entire concept of capturing light and color overwhelms me. For years I was frozen in my admiration of the photographs of others and have only recently unlocked enough to make images that please me at all. And still so much of it is in the making. The seeing. The taking and the creating. Sometimes the final image isn't final at all and the pleasure was all in the process.

What moves you in art? Please share your link or thougts in the comments below.