I'd Love to Know

I knew this guy in college. He wasn't attractive by traditional standards. He was short, a little out of shape, kind of funny looking, actually. But he always had a woman on his arm (or in his bed). These women were all spectacular in one way or another. Smart, creative beautiful women. And they flocked to this strange creature.

I had seen it before, this phenomenon of unlikely men or women drawing throngs of admirers to their sides. And it's not limited to college campuses. It happens all the time.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of watching a duet of teenagers perform at a small coffee house. One sang, the other backed her up on guitar, harmonica and vocals. These kids were talented. Really talented. Watching them, I was moved. But it wasn't the music. What struck me was their passion.

And there it was. The answer to the question that I had asked a thousand times.


It's a primal force. Some people have it and some are drawn to it. Some strive to achieve it and others run screaming when they feel it coming.

That guy, the one from college, he had it. He was passionate about everything he did. It doesn't even matter what he did. Just the fact that it oozed from his being drew people to him. These young performers had it. My son has it when he sings or plays guitar or keyboards.

Mick Jagger has it. (Really, what else could women find attractive about him? Even his money couldn't overcome that face.)

I like to think I have passion but I'm not sure how it looks to others. I feel passion for sure.

My children. Light and color. Writing, designing, making. Being.

And I'm drawn to passion. I get a thrill out of watching people do what they love. What makes them happy. To me it's contagious and infectious and I always come away inspired.

Does passion appeal to you or does it scare you? Are you living your passion or hiding it away?

What gets your blood pumping?