Ode to a Moment

Yesterday at 7:04 AM Eastern Standard Time (here in the Northern Hemisphere) the Winter Solstice occurred.

While today's culture doesn't face the same challenges that once presented themselves during the winter months, daily life here in the Northeast does take on a decidedly different tone in the winter. Modern conveniences keep us warm, light our homes and preserve our food. We understand that longer warmer days will be returning. But sill there are moments when the darkness seems perpetual. I feel a need to be indoors before it's dark. I absolutely get less done (which I admit isn't always a bad thing) and my mood is heavy. Perhaps it's a holdover in me from a time when darkness meant danger and the cold was a threat to existence.

Just to be clear: I don't hate winter. It's just harder for me. Have I loved the excitement of watching my toddler see his first snowstorm? Youbetcha. Do I get pleasure from skiing with my son? Absolutely. What about hot chocolate and slow cooked stews? Of course. But oh, how I long for those extended days and the liberation of bare feet, open windows and a lighter mood.

Since I like to include a photo as often as possible I'll point you to Alexis' blog: Knot Sew Crafty, where she posted photos of the view from her house yesterday. I live less than a mile up the street from Alexis and CMR so the view from here isn't so different. Could you go look at her photos and pretend that they belong with this post?

From this point forward (for the next six months — but we won't go
there yet) the days begin to grow blessedly longer and the inevitable
countdown to return of the sun begins. Hallelujah!