My Mother's Basement

Look what I found in my mother's basement:



Pearl was my grandmother. Let me just say here that the knitting-related items found inside this box, while sentimental and campy, are not suitable for viewing by the fiber-faint of heart. One word: acrylic. Need I say more?

Moving on. Most of the fabric my grandmother saved couldn't be salvaged (and I'm not sure I'd even really want most of it) but get a load of these funky fish! There are yards and yards of it and unlike most of the other fabrics in the goody box, it actually appears to be cotton. Suggestions? I'm thinking sundress, but I'm open. I wonder what Pearl had in store for it.





I have an easier time imagining what she may have had planned for this.


And as an added bonus, my mother stashed some of her own crafty goodness in the box for my inevitable discovery. Guess which era she was crafting in!



There are dozens of these wonderful ribbons. (Please excuse the wrinkles. I was too excited to iron.) I remember my mother using them for various projects when I was about five. These will almost certainly embellish a quilt at some point. I especially love the sunny red one with the blue fish in the upper right corner.

Niall has gone to some kind of architect's prom, Jake is at his Dad's house and the baby is asleep. It is dark and quiet in the house (save the sound of the rain on the windows) and I find myself spooked by this post I read at Burrow House this morning.

Have a spooky evening friends!