Mini Michael

That's my older boy, Jake on lead vocals.

Every kid has their thing and this is his. He plays keyboards, guitar, drums and sings. It's his passion. From the time he was tiny he could express his feelings at the piano effortlessly. It was like a party game. You could ask him to play a happy song and happy music would pour out of his fingers if you asked for scary or sad he could just do it. In more recent years I've witnessed times when he was speechless with frustration or anger but after an hour at the keyboard and an original composition later, it's all worked out. He has one of those ears. You know the kind. When he hears a song he wants to learn he just sits down with the guitar or the piano or even the computer and figures it out. And he can sing. I've been told that he has perfect pitch. This is something I can't even comprehend but I believe it.

The exhilaration I feel while watching him perform is heady. I'm sure some of it is pride. Mostly though I think it's the knowledge that I'm witnessing his true joy. 

Here's one more if you're so inclined.


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