This exercise in defining one's self outside of being a mother was much more difficult when I turned the camera on myself.

I had no idea that the moment I became a mother the way I would view myself would be forever altered. For me, removing 'mother' from the list of things I am changes the color of the entire list. Everything I do, each decision I make—no matter how small, every personal choice is connected to how it will touch my boys. But I believe that the more complete a mother is as a woman, the more well-rounded an individual is, the stronger she can be as a mother.

So in this spirit I will tell you some things about myself here.

As a small girl asked the question 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' my answer was always 'I'm going to be an artist'. And it took me until I was over forty to be able to understand that in fact, I have become just that. My choice of medium changes and my output and productivity wavers, but creation and creativity bring me joy. I am passionate and emotional—about everything. I am straightforward and funny. I love being a woman and I'm proud of my accomplishments. I value kindness and good intentions. I am disorganized and unfocused and quick to get frustrated. I believe that growth doesn't end when you grow up. I am serious and spiritual, and, yes, I am a mother.

The other entries in my In Celebration of Mothers project can be found here and will continue throughout this month. Thank you for reading.