When Kristen (broke my heart) and moved down the street last summer, Louisa moved in. Admittedly she had big neighbor-shoes to fill, what with Kristen being the best neighbor ever and all. But she had a daughter just about Quinn's age so I gave her a shot. I'm glad I did.

She is a physician and works three days a week, so, while she wasn't home all the time for my little neighbor emergencies, she was home enough for impromptu play-dates and back yard sledding.

She has a calm and happy air about her and, while I'll admit that I don't know her that well, I can tell you that she seems like she has it all together. She is level headed and pragmatic and I've never seen her upset. She is well spoken and intelligent and more than a little gorgeous. I wasn't surprised to learn that she was pregnant again, as she has the Earth Mother thing down pat.

She is delightful to have next door and I'll miss her when she leaves next month.

What do you think the chances are that I’ll get a third awesome neighbor in a row?