I live in a small town. Not Northern Vermont small, but small enough that I see the same people in the market when I shop and the woman behind the counter at the coffee shop knows my kids' names. Meeting Liz was one of the bonuses of living in a place like this.

During the early days of becoming a mother (for the second time) I was determined not to feel as isolated as I did ten years earlier. So among the small battles I fought daily was managing to shower and get dressed. I often found my way 'downtown' to drink coffee in public and make human contact. Liz struck up a conversation with me over baby slings and nursing in public. Our boys (her first) were almost exactly the same age and we bonded over that immediately. We don't get to see each other that much but when we do I always enjoy her company. A few things I know about Liz are that she has the most amazing smile, she is outgoing and friendly, she has a very calm way about her, she works outside of the home while raising her child and she keeps a beautiful home. Liz is laid back but organized (two qualities I think go well together but aren't always symbiotic), mature but playful and plain old-fashioned nice. Thank you Liz for agreeing to be photographed even though I know you didn't enjoy it much. I'll add 'good sport' to the list!