Less Is More (or, What a Load of Useless Crap)

I've recently had cause to move all our stuff out of our living room. I
was forced to look everything we own straight in the eye and came to
the following conclusion: What a load of useless crap!


We're in a holding pattern between stages of the floor project right
now. In the meantime we have only moved lights tables and seating back
into the living room and it couldn't feel more peaceful in there.

I'd like it to stay feeling this way but getting rid of everything we own may be going a bit too far. Clearly we need to pare down. But how to decide what goes and what stays? Since it's on my mind, I'm kind of seeking out less-is-more philosophical guidance. Last week I read this post over at Apron Thrift Girl (Selena is on a blog break and this was written by a guest blogger, Julie Paulling) and it stuck with me. Especially this part: "I noticed...the more things I have around me, the more time I have to spend taking care of them. Every time I walk into my cluttered house, I get tired...all these individual items were once something I loved and longed for...but once I get them home into my space, they just become clutter. So I started to get more careful about what I buy. Even if it's on sale, or from a thrift store, I know that once I get it home it will cost me so much more than money."

Now, we're not in a financial way right now that would allow me to buy stuff for stuff's sake anyway, but the idea that sentimental items end up costing me time and energy speaks very clearly to me. But it's hard. Who wants to get rid of something that was given to them by someone important? Or a book? Any book. I can't part with books. Or photos—even bad ones. But I don't want to look at it all either. Or dust it. Or shove it all up high onto shelves the baby can't reach.  I don't miss any of the stuff at all. If the rule is "If you haven't used it in two years, you don't need it" then I don't need any of it. I'm working on striking a balance somewhere in the middle, and I'm here to tell you that I'm starting with kitty-teapot.

Ebay anyone?