Say Hello to My Leetle Friend

Now, I know it's not the camera that makes the photographs. Any more than the box of sharp colored pencils makes the illustrator. Or owning Photoshop makes you a web-designer.

But it helps.

For example. I've never showed you this

because I didn't have a fast enough lens (or a tripod) to get a shot of my window-less stair hall.

This quilt was a wedding gift from my husband.

On our wedding day he gave me a handwritten note (most of which I won't share here) with the promise of a stop at this shop on our honeymoon in Maine. (For the sentimental among you: we chose Maine because we met there almost fifteen years earlier during a time when we both worked there. Also, I needed to go someplace where we could hop in the car and be home in less than a day's time since my then-seven-year-old-boy was to be staying behind.)

We spent hours looking through quilts at Betsy Telford's shop trying to choose one that we both loved (and that was in the budget). While I appreciate the craftsmanship of a traditional quilt (which is mostly what she stocks), my heart belongs to patchwo4k. And this one tells a poignant story of African American tradition in Alabama in the 1950's.

And it's pretty.