If you live in my little town, you already know Jen. jen

Everybody does.

She owns a business in the village and has, for at least as long as I've lived here. I only know her as far as the very public image she portrays but what I do know, I really like. She opens her shop at 5:50 a.m. and cheerfully serves (the best) coffee and pastries to, often grouchy, commuters who are rushing to catch the train. I'm not usually in the shop at that hour, but when I am, I'm consistently amazed at how upbeat she is. She is always smiling. Really, always. And she usually has some bit of positive attitude to offer up. The staff at her shop have adopted her demeanor and I can only imagine that her two teenage sons have as well, because it's infectious. She clearly has a strong work ethic and is more than just a little committed to community efforts. She donates a portion of every sale to local non-profits and uses her shop to promote social causes in our town. She is savvy and sunny and colorful and I'm certain that our town has a stronger sense of community due, in no small part, to her efforts. Every town should have a Jen.