There are a handful of mothers who were gracious enough to agree to be photographed for this project who I don't know very well. Jeanne is one of these women.

I'm not even really sure where and when we met. I do know that we have some mutual friends and many similar interests including our backgrounds in graphic design. I know that she is deeply involved with the movement to save the arts in our public schools and with fund raising at our local art museum. We share an uncommonly large age spread between our first and second children and have discussed the merits of such. I know that her back yard gate has a door built into it which leads to her neighbor's back yard, and that I think this is just about the most perfect back yard situation I can imagine. I know that she wears her hair gray and that I think she's beautiful. She has two children and a very sweet Black Lab. She seems very self assured and serious. She wears a sort of knowing smile and is pretty soft spoken. My extended community is made more vibrant for having her in it and I always enjoy learning more about her.