It's What I Do

Okay then. It looks like I'll be working on a tutorial for the Roundabout Quilt. In the spirit of full disclosure however I think you should know that I don't have any secrets about how to piece the curves. I pin pin pin them and when I think there are enough pins, I add some more, and then I pull and stretch the fabric. A lot. But I'll take photos and document sizes and get you an official pattern-tutorial-post. As soon as I finish this teacher's gift:

I've written before about the program Jake is in at school and how thrilled we are with it. What I may not have mentioned is how wonderful his teacher is. You know how you have one or two teachers who you will always remember? The one who inspired you to write or draw or sparked your lifelong love of astronomy? Well, Jake has one of those teachers now. She is young and enthusiastic and idealistic and has chosen to focus her career teaching kids with special needs. Other people's children with special needs. 'Thank you' doesn't even come close to cutting it. I couldn't possibly find the words. So I made something. It's what I do. It's how I say 'thank you' and how I say 'you matter to me' and how I say 'I love you'. On some level it's as much for me as for the person I'm making for. The time I spend creating is the real gift. It gives me perspective and gratifies my soul.

Let me leave you with a picture of how I spent my evening. Sean (Jake's dad and my ex-husband) parked his pickup in our driveway while dropping off items for our annual neighborhood tag/garage/yard/junk sale tomorrow. The sun (which had finally made a brief appearance late this afternoon) was setting. He left the truck windows open and the radio on. Mets versus Yankees. Lawn chairs got dragged out of the garage and seats were taken. Niall for the Yankees. Sean for the Mets. Quinn was buck naked and happily romping in a bucket filled with icy cold hose-water. Jake was riding his scooter around the cul-de-sac while wearing his space-themed-footie-pajamas. Chocolate chip cookies (freshly baked for the purpose of tomorrow's cookie/lemonade-stand) were being consumed by all. Neighbors stopped by to chat.

Here's hoping yours was as pleasant.